Burundi Rutovu Kinogono

Origin: Burundi
Region: Colline Rutovu
Altitude: 1,900 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Bourbon, Jackson
Processing: Wet

Colombia Cauca Decaffeinated

Roaster: Curious People
Origin: Inza, Colombia
Region: Cauca
Varietal: Caturra
Processing: Decaf


Guatemala Antigua Pastorale

Origin: Guatemala
Region : Antigua
Altitude : 1500 – 1600 metres above sea level
Varietal : Bourbon, Typica
Process : Fully washed

Aceh Gayo Takengon Highland

Notes: tropical fruits, cacao finish
Origin: Takengon Highland, Aceh, Indonesia
Altitude: 1200-1400 m.a.s.l
Varietal: Typica
Processing: Full Wash

“We buy top-grade single origin coffee and brew it with love, skill, and undying passion for coffee.” 



FESTIVE Christmas Feast

This Christmas, we are happy to collaborate with chef Robert Hansen for our end-of-year event. The party was filled with fun and cheers as people enjoy the scrumptious meals paired with our special christmas affogato. We also had our friends from Smara Photo setup a...

POP-UP by Pokeboom

This 7-8 October, grab yourself a healthy meal made by our friends Pokeboom ! They will be popping-up at our shop from 9AM-9PM. Contact us for info!

Galaxy Note 8 Launching

We are happy to be a part of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launching event by supplying ready-to-drink bottled coffee.


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taste the coffee, taste the milk.